Inflatable hybrid impact vest with manual activation and 160N total bouyancy for kite-surfing, dinghy-/fast-sailing, especially skiff- and foiling-sailing and SUP.

CE: PSA konform mit Richtlinie 89/686/EWG, baumuster- und typgeprüft.

The hybrid impact vest was developed especially for kite-surfing, foiling- and skiff-sailing, dinghy-sailing or SUP.

It is not a rare situation that kite-surfers underestimate the power of wind, waves and tides and might be incapable of returning ashore. Another possible danger situation might be cramps or disappearing energy for example after the third capsizing while foiling- or skiff-sailing. The new FURIO is the ideal equipment and protection for dangerous situations.

The FURIO is certified as a 100N manual inflatable lifejacket. Non-inflated it helps as impact protection and buoyancy support with 50N buoyancy. After activation the manual inflator the buoyancy chamber serves around 110N additional buoyancy. The total buoyancy after inflation amounts to 160N.


The FURIO is available in four sizes:

  • Size S – 60-80 kg, chest 88-100 cm (p/n 17214)
  • Size M – 70-90 kg, chest 95-105 cm (p/n 17215)
  • Size L – 80-100 kg, chest 100-115 cm (p/n 17216)
  • Size XL – 90-115 kg, chest 110-125 cm (p/n 17217

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Performance Class (ISO 12402) 100 N
Type of buoyancy Inflatable, Fixed foam
Buoyancy 160 N
Colour Black, Orange
Emergency light No
Type of clothing Light clothing
Reflexstreifen Yes
Specifications CE
Approval CE

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