Switlik ISPLR

    • Fully Reversible
    • Quick and easy boarding
    • Low-slung floor design for significantly enhanced seating comfort and stability in water
    • Weather-tight canopy protection with viewing window
    • Three layer inflation chamber design for redundancy
    • Vacuum packaging available for extended TBO
    • Stowage pockets for personal safety items
    • Compact bailer and sea anchor included
    • Easily transportable between aircraft
    • Optional inflatable floor for enhanced thermal protection
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Inflatable Single Place Life Raft

Safe, quick, survival.

The Switlik ISPLR brings advanced military design and mission-proven durability to a single place life raft available for mariners and pilots who are serious about their personal lifesaving equipment.

Fully reversible

The unique U-shaped design allows the raft to be fully reversible, allowing quick, easy entry from the water – whichever side is up when it automatically inflates. The ISPLR’s low slung floor design allows seating at a slight recline lowering the center of gravity well below the waterline, increasing stability in rough waters.

Zip to the elements

Twin zippers, located on either side, allow you to partially close the canopy, keeping the elements out while providing great ventilation.

Sea Anchor for added safety

With the sea anchor deployed, the ISPLR is designed to float facing downwind – allowing the canopy to remain unzipped except during extreme weather conditions.

Rapid Inflation-get in quick

As soon as the pull handle is triggered, two 75g cylinders provide rapid inflation. The cylinders are also able to be easily removed, by the end user, while inside the loose pack valise, allowing you to travel without hazmat items.

Oral Tubes-conveniently located

Well placed oral tubes provide easy an easy inflation method for the canopy as well as the inner sleeve that provides redundancy in case the tube is damaged.

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Weight: From 5.4 lbs (2.4kg) to 6.2 lbs(2.8kg)
Buoyancy: 180 pounds of buoyancy
Inflation System: Two 75g CO2 cylinders
Model: ISPLR

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Pack Options


Loose Pack

– 7″ Dia. x 12″ L
– Weighs 5.4 lbs (2.4 kg)
Loose packed
– Cylinders accessible for removal
– 1 year service interval



Sealed Pack-Brick Pack

– 4 1/4″ H x 14″ L x 6 1/4″W
– Weighs 5.4 lbs (2.4 kg)
Hermetically sealed
– Cylinders not accessible for removal
– 5 year service interval

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